★ Winners of Bautismo del Emprendedor ★

During the Bautismo del Emprendedor at ESCP Europe, 40 young entrepreneurs have had the opportunity to test their ideas in 25 minutes, with the support of 12 coaches and 6 experts of investment. Each entrepreneur pitched in front of a jury of 4 entrepreneurs. The 40 entrepreneurs have successfully experienced this entrepreneurial journey ! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

But 11 of them have received a special congratulation from the Jury. 3 award categories have been distinguished, and each of the 4 Jury (composed each of 4 entrepreneurs) has voted for the best project in each category.

The winners are… :

Favorite projects

  • Laura & Benedicte | Retractable high heels shoes
  • Yo Compro Sano | Consumer group of direct purchase between local producers and consumers
  • Carlos Umaña | Angeles al volante, service to pick-up people who drank at night and can´t drive
  • Nidits | Personal grocery shopping delivery at the office

Best Social innovation projects

  • Marion & Hélène | Social entrepreneurship tour in Latin America
  • Yo Compro SanoHealthy food
  • Martin Joffres| Object rental between particulars
  • Lead Runaway, J. Murillo | E-commerce platform of small-scale fashion designers

Best Innovation projects

  • Gonzalo  | Virtual coins/ FIFA
  • Rémi Floris | Online price comparator of funeral services
  • Jonas Guldahl | Pre-packed healthy food with recipes according to diet distributed in supermarkets
  • Nidits | Personal grocery shopping delivery at the office

Some of the winners are entrepreneurs who already launched their startups (Yo Compro Sano, Nidits, Leadrunway). Others are entrepreneurs in a more early stage (Carlos Umaña, Gonzalo). Laura, Benedicte, Martin, Rémi and Jonas are ESCP Europe students with great entrepreneurial projects they will develop in a close future!

The winners won great prizes from our food partners: Lise&Leti Homemade Cookies, Gustia, Makitake, Greek and Shop and  Panaderia la Pistola.

Looking forward to seeing you next year for the next edition of el Bautismo del Emprendedor !

★ La Fiesta del Emprendedor in images ★

5 hours of networking, learning, testing, partying…captured in 30 photos (Luzestudio.es)
The program was:

Bautismo del Emprendedor
Giant Speed-networking
Entrepreneursh**t! Countermyths of Startupland!
Concert, DJ & Food Festival

More than 200 participants.
It was big. Human. New.
Thanks to your energy. Your enthusiasm. Your curiosity.
Thanks to YOU!

See all the pictures here!

Today is the Big Day!

In a few hours begins La Fiesta del Emprendedor!

Tonight we will learn, network, experiment and have fun. Tonight we will create value. All together.

Tweet about La Fiesta del Emprendedor using our Hashtag#FDE2013 !!

Last reminders

★ Bring your business cards
★ Bring cash to buy delicious food from our Mercado San Emprendedor
★ But above all, bring your smile

Be on time | Be positive | Be curious

See you in a few hours!

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Gustia will sell their authentic products during La Fiesta del Emprendedor!  


Gustia was launched by a multicultural team that loves high quality products! This european platform provides food products coming from local French, Italian and Spanish producers.

We will be able to taste all Gustia’s authentic and delicious products during la Fiesta del Emprendedor!

Check Gustia website and like their Facebook page!

Ready to become a star?

Be pretty because you will become famous!

We are happy to inform you that Xermán Peñalver and Alina Banta, two professional photographs of LuzEstudio Fotografia will  cover the event of La Fiesta del Emprendedor!

So dress well and be smiley 🙂


Check their website and discover their beautiful pictures!

ESCP Europe has the right over the pictures and videos taken during the event which will be published in the social networks and media related to the topic of the event.